Signs that AC Repair is Imminent

When the weather gets hotter outside, most homeowners turn to their AC for comfort. However, if a homeowner has not performed the necessary maintenance or service to the AC unit, it may not work properly. The key is to seek AC repair near Ocean City, prior to actually needing it. Some signs that this type of service is needed is highlighted here.

Strange or New Sounds and Noises

All AC units have a repertoire of sounds they make. However, if new or strange sounds are heard, then immediate investigation will be required. While the rushing and humming of the air is not typically a cause for concern, any rattling, squalling, knocking or growling could be the tell-tale signs of an issue with the condenser or compressor. If that happens, then AC repair near Ocean City, will be needed right away.

Reduced Airflow

When the airflow from the unit is reduced, then there is either an issue with the ducts or the fan.
The evaporator coil or filter may also be clogged or there might be a leak or a blockage at some other location in the system. This is a good time to call an AC repair service for duct repair.

Excessive Cycling

If the unit starts to cycle on and off more than it usually does, it may mean that the thermostat is not working properly. It may also mean that the cold air is leaving or the hot air is coming in from the outside. Be sure to check the home for any leaks and install additional weather stripping to certain areas if it is necessary.

Circuit Breakers that Trip Frequently

If the AC unit starts to trip the circuit breakers in the home, then there may be an electrical issue. Turn the AC off immediately and don’t restart it until a professional has looked at it.

McAllister…The Service Company offers additional information about when AC service is needed. Take some time to evaluate the system in the home to determine if any of the issues here are present. If they are, don’t wait to call for repair since this will just lead to additional issues down the road. Visit for more information.