Side Effects of Low Testosterone in Men

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on April, 2017

With age, many men begin to experience the negative side effects of diminished testosterone. What starts as a feeling of lost edge can manifest into a whole host of low testosterone problems. For men in Tampa, putting up with these issues is unacceptable. Fortunately, replacement therapy offers the solution many men want. If you think you might have suffer from insufficient testosterone, watch for the following symptoms.

Sexual Changes

Sexual challenges are one of the first indications that a man might suffer from low levels of testosterone. These bedroom side effects can include erectile dysfunction, loss of sexual interest, or inability to complete sex. Before reaching for the standard prescription medication, men exhibiting these side effects often consult with a hormone replacement specialist. Often, with just some added testosterone, men can feel renewed sexual vigor.

Muscular Issues

Another indication that a man might suffer from low testosterone is loss of muscle mass. If you aren’t as strong as you used to be, you might have insufficient testosterone. Similarly, if you frequently hit the gym but can’t put on muscle mass, low levels of testosterone might be to blame.

Mental Struggles

Many men who suffer from insufficient testosterone report feeling a loss of mental acuity. Instead of the keen focus that they once had, these men indicate their mind often wanders. Even worse, low levels of testosterone often make it difficult to act decisively. If you frequently struggle to make up your mind or assert yourself, you might have inadequate testosterone.

Emotional Issues

Clinical depression is a serious emotional disorder that requires professional treatment. If, however, you frequently feel unmotivated, uninterested, or down, you might have inadequate testosterone in your system.

Low testosterone can cause a variety of side effects in men. Generally, these fall into four categories, but they might manifest in other ways as well. Men who notice these side effects often feel better with testosterone replacement therapy.

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