Senior Companion Program: Is It Right for Your Parent?

by | May 9, 2019 | Health and Medical

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Loneliness plagues a lot of senior adults. Those who live alone may find themselves lonely with little to no contact with the outside world. If you think your elderly loved one needs more company, then look into the senior companion program in Mclean, VA.

What is a senior companion program?

This is a program that pairs volunteers with seniors. Volunteers make visits to the homes of the seniors with one express goal: to help elderly people live independent lives longer. If the program isn’t a good fit for what you have in mind, but you know that your senior parent needs help, then you can hire a professional from home care agencies like Capital City Nurses.

Does my parent need a companion?

If your parent needs a companion and they can’t qualify for the senior companion program in Mclean, VA, then it may be best if you look for a home care agency to help you out. Many of these agencies offer companion services that may be a better fit for your needs and the needs of your loved one. For instance, if you need someone to look after your loved one and spend time with them every day for a number of hours, then a companion caregiver is your best choice.

How do I pick one?

If you already have a care agency you trust, then ask them about their companion services. Talk to them about the options available. Discuss your situation so they can make suggestions or provide you with customized options.

How will it help?

There are plenty of benefits to hiring a companion for your loved one. If your elderly parent lives alone, then they probably feel lonely. Having someone around will ease that loneliness. Also, a care companion can handle meal preparations, take care of their lawn and do their groceries. All these will help your parent live at their home longer while giving you peace of mind.

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