Seeking Help from a Family Lawyer in Bremerton WA

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on September, 2021

Everyone needs some sort of legal help from time to time. In many cases, a family lawyer in Bremerton WA will know exactly how to handle the situation and help restore a measure of peace to the client. Here are some examples of situations that require this type of legal counsel.

Child Custody Issues

One of the more common reasons to seek the services of a family lawyer in Bremerton WA is when the terms of a custody arrangement are not being observed. This could involve a custodial parent who is denying visitation privileges to the non-custodial parent. Maybe the non-custodial parent is not providing the agreed upon child support every month. Whatever the problem, the lawyer can step in and provide advice on how to proceed. This includes taking legal action on behalf of the client if necessary.

Abuse Issues

An experienced family lawyer in Bremerton WA can protect the interests of someone who is being subjected to abuse. The abuse may be in the form of child neglect or mistreatment, or may even involve abuse by an adult child who is serving as the caregiver to an elderly parent. At all times, the focus is on providing protection for the abused party and making changes in living arrangements that will ensure the client receives proper care.

Paternity Issues

When a pregnancy occurs and there is some question about paternity, a family lawyer will know how to manage the case. For men who are accused of paternity and believe they are not responsible, it is easy enough to defend the client against the claim by ordering paternity testing. Men who do believe they are responsible for the pregnancy and wish to seek custody and the right to raise the child will find the help of a lawyer will make the odds of gaining custody much more likely.

For people who are facing any type of issue that has to do with the family unit, contact the team at Lindsay & Lindsay Attorneys at Law today. After a consultation with a lawyer, it will be much easier to understand what laws apply and how to go about seeking a resolution to the issue.

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