See Clearly Again: Replacement Windows in Des Moines

by | Jun 12, 2014 | Construction & Remodeling

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Some people may think that repairing windows is always the easier choice. However, repairs cannot always be done cheaply. In some cases, replacing the windows is a much better alternative than repairing them. If the drafts are blowing the curtains around, if water damage is visible, if frost is on the inside layer of glass during the window, then it is time to replace them. There are three major forms of replacement including sash, frame and sash, and complete unit. By investigating each method of replacement, one can choose the right method for one’s windows.

Sash replacement is best if the frame of the window is in good condition and does not have water damage. The opening should still be square. If there is any sagging, one may need a complete overhaul. Replacement sashes are specifically engineered to fit into the liners and make an airtight seal. If the windowsill shows signs of water damage or air is leaking between the frame, it may be time to overhaul the sash and frame. Homeowners can buy a single unit that is fit into the existing jambs when repairing both sash and frame. When the complete unit needs to be replaced, which is best for irreparably damaged windows and openings, the new window will have new sealants, caulking, insulation, and flashing. The process is rather expensive, though aesthetically, the window looks much better than using either sash or sash and frame replacement. A complete overhaul is often the best value when windows are damaged beyond repair.

When one is looking for replacement windows in Des Moines, one should look for companies with years of relevant experience, a kind and knowledgeable staff, and appropriate pricing. Make a list of nearby companies with these features. Call or visit their sites and ask for a quote regarding replacement windows in Des Moines. The best businesses will go to the home or business, inspect the window unit or units, and offer a price based on materials and labor. They may also discuss various replacement options like the three methods above. Click here to find additional information regarding window replacement.

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