Scibermonkey Offers Excellent Portal for the U.K. Biology Teacher

Posted by Phineas Gray on January, 2015

Finding legitimate resources for science and biology can be a challenge for teachers looking for new ideas or a resource for their students. Scibermonkey is a website developed by the Biochemical Society and sponsored by Syngenta. It was introduced in 2006 at a Teachers’ Workshop in Birmingham. Since then it has continued to offer a trustworthy portal that weeds through all of the cyber noise and focuses on quality information ideal for any biology teacher looking for an excellent resource.

Students and Teachers
Scibermonkey offers support to both students and teachers. All information has been screened by science teachers and offers relevant information that can be put to good use. The site is broken down with an easy to use navigation first with age groups 5-7, 7-11, 11-14 and 14- 16 and then a separate area for teachers. Each age group then offers information in categories such as plants and animals, materials, forces and motion or energy. The categories are age relevant and designed to assist students find the information required for their level of study.

Seeking Research
Students can click on their age group and then explore the category of their choice. Within the category they then have the opportunity to fine tune their search so they are not weeding through confusing, excess information. Searches can be made by keywords or refined from a list of sub categories. A wide assortment of articles and information are then provided and kids can also use the site just for fun with access to games and activities that are learning based.

Teachers’ Section
Under the teachers’ section a biology teacher has access based on the age of the student and the subject matter and theme. They will be provided with a list of articles and information as well as the choice to refine their search. Each link takes the teacher directly to the source so they also have the option to continue exploring on the new site provided. It is a simplified search that provides the most relevant links available on the web.

A biology teacher can use Scibermonkey to help come up with creative teaching ideas, to share information with students or to access interesting materials. It keeps learning fresh and new while providing up to date information to keep students engaged in their studies. Parents will also benefit from the site when trying to assist their children with their studies or special projects.

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