Safe Plumbing of Portable Sinks

by | Mar 14, 2016 | Plumbing

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When you’ve gotten yourself set and ready to go with a sink, or even a portable 3 compartment sink then you’ll want to know some very important how-to’s for when things inevitable go wrong. For example, what do you do when your sink clogs? You might think to just slap some drain-o on it and hope for the best, but with a portable unit with multiple compartments? That’s not a good idea. Thankfully places such as EHow have easy to understand tips and tricks to plumb your multi-compartmented sink.

  1. At home plumbing materials required. When you don’t want to shell out the money to get a professional in there to fix up your system, there are some helpful kits for 3 compartment sinks off at your hardware store. Not every model can work off the same kit, though, and sometimes you’re missing a necessary piece when you go to fix things up. The basics that you should always have on hand just in case your sink clogs is a towel, a pipe wrench, a bucket for any loose water, and potential necessary part replacements.
  2. Stop the flow of water. Like when you deal with normal plumbing problems at home you want to make sure the flow of water to your sink is sufficiently stoppered. With the water tapered off you’ll have a lower risk of soaking yourself and making a potential poor situation even poorer. You’re already going to get wet enough as it is when you remove the piping, after all.
  3. Replacement is your best friend. When a sink gets clogged, you’re most likely going to lose the pipes and inner workings underneath the sink. Those replacement parts that come in the hardware kit thus are your godsend and savior. You’ll need to assemble, fit, and settle into place the new piping and plumbing of your sink, especially given the nature of how a multi-compartmented sink works. With the number of bends and turns, and how each sink connects to one another, it’s highly unlikely you’ll get away without having to replace some portion of the plumbing, if not the whole thing.

All in all, even with the wonders of do-it-yourself plumbing, a portable sink like this can be a chore. Getting an actual plumber to do it however might be way out of the budget range, especially if you’re working a small mom-and-pop style food service at the local park.

When you look for multi-compartment sinks that just happen to be portable, MOSNAM Enterprises has more than enough to offer. With over 40 models and styles, all FDA and ADA approved, MONSAM certainly knows what they are doing.

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