Roof Falls are a Leading Cause of Construction Deaths in the US

Roof falls are among the top causes of construction injuries and deaths, as well as maintenance injuries. Installing roof anchors on your commercial roof gives workers a secure place to tie off their safety harnesses. This not only prevents injuries but also prevents costly insurance claims.

A roof anchor, along with a safety harness, lanyard, and a connector clip, makes up a fall arrest system. If a worker does fall, he will not hit the ground. That might be scary and result in a few bruises, but the worker will avoid serious injury or death.

There are a few different types of roof anchors, including post anchors that bolt to the roof, and heavy, moveable anchors. The type of roof anchor that you choose depends on the type of roof and the type of work being performed.

If you don’t have the right roof anchor for the job, or, if it’s not used correctly, your system will fail. The same goes for using the right safety harness, lanyard, and connectors.

A portable deadweight anchor is suitable for most large, flat commercial roofs. They can be moved to different locations on the roof, as needed. But this type of roof anchor will not work on a pitched roof; in that case, you might want to choose a two-way anchor or roof clamps.

Take the time to learn about preventing roof falls, for the sake of your workers and your bottom line.

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