Revolutionize Your Factory with a Stainless Steel Panel PC

Posted by Phineas Gray on December, 2015

Running a business in the 21st-century involves staying on the cutting-edge of the business world. So much of the business world has gone online, even the world if industrial manufacturing. Industrial manufacturing applications are some of the most classic processes, but they still have to stay versatile and optimized for the new way of doing business. The businesses that do not find a way to keep themselves versatile and agile will find that they are rapidly losing business to more optimized factories.

What does a 21st-century factory look like? Factories optimized for the 21st-century make use of the stainless steel panel PC for a variety of uses. They are used to automate machines, communicate between different parts of the factory, and communicate with the outside.

Considerations for Your Industrial PCs

Depending on your industry, your PC might go through a series of very rigorous challenges. Many industrial applications involve power tools that create sparks and incredible amounts of heat. A stainless steel panel PC has to be able to withstand extreme heat and continue running smoothly. Sparks that might fly from grinders and welders are incredibly hot; if that’s a danger in your business, you have to be sure your PC will handle it.

Touchscreens are also incredibly useful for panel PCs. When you introduce keyboards into the equation, you add more opportunity for something to go wrong. For one, it’s much more difficult to find a keyboard that can withstand the extreme heat of certain industries. A touch screen reduces or even eliminates the need for a keyboard.

You also have to make sure that your stainless steel panel PC is chemical resistant. If your industry deals in chemicals, you have to make sure that they will not destroy your computer.

Uses for Your Industrial PCs

An industrial PC is a way for you to communicate with different sectors of your business. Your manufacturing division can communicate with the sales division and so on. Depending on the nature of your business, it could be very useful for you to be able to update others on your progress. For example, if you are running a mechanic’s shop, you can update customers and front desk operators of the status of different cars, so customers will know exactly when their cars are ready to be picked up.

Integrating that level of service into your business is the type of thing that makes your business stand out. You can gain a reputation as the business that offers fast service and an extra level of functionality for your customers. Also, your mechanics will appreciate not having to constantly clean their hands to move in and out of the store. They can communicate from the garage if they want.

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