Returning Items in North Carolina

by | May 17, 2016 | Business

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Most people have returned an item to a store at some point in their lives whether it be due to a defect, a dislike of a gift they received, or even because they realized that they really didn’t need the item. Whatever the case is, it is always important to check out a store’s return policy before buying an item to make sure that the item can be returned, if it can only be exchanged, if they require a receipt for a return, and if there is a deadline that they have to meet before they can no longer receive a refund on the item.

Typical Return Policies

Every store has its deadline on when an item can be returned or refunded. Store returns in NC typically have a 90-day deadline but that is flexible depending on the item and the store itself. In most stores, items can be exchanged for a different product without any hassle, such as a shirt can be exchanged for a different size or color. Typically, the returner needs to provide the proof of purchase with either a paper or digital receipt. While not all stores require this, many do in case of a sale price or a similar item at different store being brought in for a return.

General Exceptions to the Rules

There are many exceptions to store refunds in NC depending on the item and the condition that it is in. Items such as clothes, video games, CDs/DVDs, mattresses, etc. can only be returned or refunded if the item wasn’t used and still has its proper tags and packaging on it. At some stores, their products cannot be returned at all. If a store has that rule, they usually have a sign posted somewhere in the store, online, on the receipt, or even on the item itself. This is usually found in small, locally owned shops or at stores that sell handmade, one-of-a-kind items that may be made specially for one person. Visit Bottom Dollar Wholesalers.

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