Restylane In Chicago Gives Many Reasons To Consider

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on December, 2015

If you are considered cosmetic surgery, you may want to hold back, because other options are less invasive and can do the trick. Restylane in Chicago can fill in unwanted lines and facial wrinkles. While still considered surgery, it only requires an injection with a needle, much like the anesthesia you would need. However, once injected, you’re finished. However, if you’re still not convinced, there are many other reasons to give it a try.


Non-invasive means that the doctor won’t have to go into the body to do the procedure. A few injections are all that is needed and they will only be in those areas you want to treat. There is little recovery time needed and most people can go back to work afterward. You also won’t have to worry about incisions and all the risks they include.

Already In Your Body

One substance found in the treatment is already in your body. Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally, but sometimes, as you age, you have less of this acid. Therefore, you can get injections of it, along with other ingredients, to help reduce signs of aging.

No Animal Byproducts

Most people find they are allergic to many fillers because they include bird proteins. However, those aren’t found in Restylane, so they are safer to use by those who have allergic reactions to animal byproducts. It can also be helpful to those who are vegan and don’t want to use any product or food that comes from an animal.

Lasts Longer

Collagens only last about three months, but this product can last six months or longer, depending on your lifestyle.

Fewer Side Effects

Most people worry about side effects, but this product has very few and those that it does have are minimal. In most cases, people only experience redness, swelling and tenderness at the injection site. However, those effects only last a few days and will go away without medication or treatment.

Immediate Results

Many cosmetic procedures can take weeks or months to notice fully, but after receiving your injections, you’ll see an immediate change. Your face will look younger and fuller.


Many fillers can only be used in certain areas, but this one can be utilized in the chin creases, lips, lip or smile lines, nose and eyes. Therefore, it is a well-rounded filler that can be used all over the face for the best results.

Restylane in Chicago offers many benefits and reasons to consider. Visit our website today to schedule an appointment