Residential and Commercial Protection Against Hurricanes

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on May, 2022

As one of the largest cities in the south region of Florida, West Palm Beach naturally has lots of residential and commercial properties along the ocean. This vibrant city also has an array of homes and buildings along rivers and other bodies of water that flow into the ocean. During the summer and fall months, this part of the Sunshine State is vulnerable to hurricanes, tropical storms and other intense weather events. Such severe weather conditions could heavily damage windows, doors, roofs and other structures on homes and offices. Therefore, there are a handful of companies that offer hurricane panel direct mount in West Palm Beach, Florida. Such accessories are engineered to withstand strong wind, which could easily knock out glass and other more robust materials. A hurricane panel direct mount in West Palm Beach, FL provides extra peace of mind and protection for residential neighborhoods and commercial districts.

Premium Hurricane Panels in Florida

When you install a hurricane panel direct mount in West Palm Beach, you will protect precious furniture and other fragile items inside your home or office. The panels should meet the latest guidelines and codes for high-velocity hurricane zones (HVHZ) as defined by the state of Florida. These installations are available in steel and aluminum for extra resilience and durability. The hurricane-proof panels are usually installed along railings for optimum mobility and utility. Additionally, you could select panels that precisely match the sizes of your home’s windows and doors. Contact AMF Building Products at to shop for hurricane panels in West Palm Beach, FL.