Reasons to Forego Wood and Choose Vinyl Siding Installers in St Paul

Posted by Daniel lawrence on August, 2016

Some homeowners shy away from vinyl siding because they’re aware of problems with this product when it was first introduced decades ago. Some are troubled by the idea of wrapping their house in a synthetic material. Others know that vinyl is, technically, plastic. They think of plastic as a cheap substance and feel that it would bring an aspect of cheapness to their home’s design. Vinyl Siding Installers in St Paul would like to clear up misconceptions about the product, so homeowners gain more clarity about the subject.

A primary advantage of vinyl over wood is the low-maintenance factor. Vinyl doesn’t need painting or staining. It’s impervious to rot and uninteresting to insects. This is the main reason homeowner like the idea of hiring Vinyl Siding Installers in St Paul. The material should be washed on occasion, but that’s true of other siding products as well.

Vinyl costs less than wood siding, but that doesn’t mean it looks cheap. Manufacturers have improved the material a great deal over the years by altering its fundamental chemistry. Today’s vinyl siding looks classy even on historic, elegant homes. Vinyl can be crafted to look very much like wood. In fact, vinyl made to replicate cedar wood shakes has become increasingly popular because it’s virtually impossible to tell the two products apart without touching them. The synthetic material can have the same colour, texture, and grain of the wood. In addition, building and remodeling contractors have improved their installation methods, so homeowners don’t encounter problems with the siding.

Purists may insist that only wood will do. Nevertheless, every year, more homeowners choose vinyl siding from companies such as Builders & Remodelers, Inc. They appreciate not having to maintain the siding and replace panels damaged by weather-related decay. They have decided that material that looks just like wood is perfectly acceptable for their home. Why would they care if it isn’t actually wood when nobody is able to notice the difference? Some of the most respected home improvement experts in the media world advocate for vinyl siding in the 21st Century. Contact us for information about our home improvement services.

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