Questions To Ask Your Social Security Attorney in Chattanooga

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on March, 2021

While you’re working day in and day out, many people are leading you to believe that applying for and receiving Social Security will be a cinch. You’re told that once you retire, you’re entitled to all of that money you’ve been stashing away for decades; however, most people run into some serious log jams when they try to apply for social security. Complications in the Social Security process lead many people to hire a Chattanooga Social Security attorney. The attorney can help walk you through so much important information and complex processes. You need to make sure you ask him or her the right questions before you sign on.

Question #1 – Which Cases Do You Accept?

Some attorneys only accept cases that are about to close. These attorneys help push the ball over the finish line. Other attorneys offer a more complete service that works from the very beginning of the application process to the time you win.

Question #2 – How Long Will This Take?

Recently, independent investigators discovered that the average Social Security claim took three years to be processed. This is the standard that some attorneys hold themselves to. The very best attorneys seek to close their cases in 18 months to two years. This isn’t always possible; sometimes, it takes longer. However, it’s good to have a goal to be better than average.

Question #3 – Am I Going to Win?

The very best Social Security attorney in Chattanooga will do everything he or she can to make sure you win. However, if your attorney promises that you will win, that person is being dishonest. Every case is different and while a great Social Security attorney can really help your case, there are no guaranteed victories.

Question #4 – How Much Will I Owe You?

There are regulations determining how much you will owe in fees, but it’s good to ask. The law says that an attorney cannot charge more than 25% of the money you are owed. That, however, does not include some other charges. Other charges are pretty standard. The very best attorneys work tirelessly to put a case together and help you earn your benefits. To that end, these attorneys will sometimes require a reimbursement on money spent putting your case together. You should only owe these fees if you win.

Question #5 – How Often Will I Talk With You?

Certain people don’t like meeting face to face with their attorney, and some do. You should ask your attorney if you will actually meet. Most of them will tell you that it is up to you. If you want to meet with them, you can probably figure out a time; if not, it’s not necessary. They should, however, be available by phone or email. Visit McCarthy, Murphy, & Preslar, P.C. to know more.

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