Quality Transmission Repair, Make an Appointment in Chicago IL

The transmission of any vehicle is a necessity, and without it there is no way to transfer the power developed by the engine to the drive axle and wheels. Depending on the gear ratio being employed, the engine speed varies from low idle to 6000 RPM or more. At idle, the vehicle wheels are not rotating; at cruising speed, they may be turning at 1,800 RPM. It is the transmission that controls this, using different gear sets. Each set has a different gear ratio that determines the correct engine speed for the speed of the vehicle. If you suspect that something is wrong, residents in Chicago IL and the surrounding area need to find a qualified transmission repair shop.

Finding a reputable transmission repair shop:

Taking the time to search for transmission repair shops can mean the difference between a high priced repair and one that is reasonable. The extra time also helps you avoid a shop that does not have the skills or tools to make a quality repair. Car owners in Chicago IL that have a long-established relationship with a full-service repair shop have an advantage. By choosing that shop, they will have less stress and it will take less time.

If your car is still under warranty, taking it to the dealer makes sense; however, if the car is no longer under warranty, a local transmission repair shop with qualified staff can undertake transmission repairs in Chicago IL that are equally effective at a considerably lower cost.

The next question: rebuilt or remanufactured?

As important as choosing the repair shop is deciding how to repair it. A brand-new transmission is extremely expensive; the optional approaches are to replace the failed unit with a remanufactured transmission or to rebuild the existing one. Rebuilding or remanufacturing is essentially the same thing other than the fact that rebuilding takes place in the local shop whereas remanufacturing is done in a dedicated facility.

Regardless of whether the shop you choose repairs the transmission or replaces it with a remanufactured unit, make sure the work is guaranteed.

If your transmission has failed, you need to find a local shop that has the skills and tools to perform effective transmission repair. S-O-S Transmissions in the Chicago IL area can help.