Protect the Plumbing in Your Home Using an Experienced Plumber in Southington, CT

Posted by alex on June, 2014

Imagine waking up in the early morning and during your rush to get ready for work you step into a puddle of something wet. As you begin to notice the growing problem, you realize that whatever the liquid is, it has spread from the bathroom and bedroom into the hallway. At this point you realize it could be spreading everywhere in your home including into the storage boxes you have in the bedroom closet. In a sudden rush of insight you head to the main water in an effort to stop the flow of water. Unfortunately, the real damage is already done.

Water leaks such as these can cost a homeowner hundreds of dollars in cleanup and repairs and they aren’t always easy to see. Household water pipes can run under the floor, through the studs in the walls, under and through concrete foundations and even in the attic, cellar, basement or crawl space. The route will often depend on the purpose of the pipe and any obstacles in the way. For instance, many houses have the hot water tank mounted somewhere in the attic and a plumber in Southington, CT will often tell you that this is the safest place to install it. Of course it will need a primary cold water pipe for input and a hot water outlet pipe for distribution. With all of this pipe snaking throughout the home it is very important to keep it as protected as possible. This is the main reason that water pipes are hidden inside walls and under floors.

Unfortunately, out of site is out of mind which leaves many homeowners in a bad spot when the pipes begin to leak. For one thing, the leak is usually hidden under the drywall and is only noticeable from the water on the floor. However, a puddle of water isn’t the best system for locating a leak because water takes the path of least resistance and probably started elsewhere. Thankfully, your ever resourceful plumber in Southington, CT has a solution for finding those hidden water problems. This tool uses acoustic technologies to measure the differences in sound in the wall for pinpoint accuracy. Advanced tools like these make plumbing repairs much easier when used by experts like Instant Response Plumbing and Heating Inc..


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