Professional and Compassionate Rockford Family Law Pracitioners

by | Nov 22, 2019 | Lawyers and Law Firms

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Attorneys who practice family law in Rockford, IL, advocate for clients with domestic relations issues like adoption, paternity, prenuptial agreements, divorce or child custody and support. These types of matters can be sensitive, both emotionally and financially. Every family is unique, and that fact can make the practice of family law complicated. If the opposing party isn’t amenable to working matters out with you, that lack of cooperation can increase the difficulty of a disposition that is fundamentally fair to everybody involved in your case.


The dissolution of a marriage is the most common type of family law court proceeding. Following dissolution proceedings are modifications of judgments that have already been entered, especially in the context of child support obligations. In divorce, efficiency is a key consideration. You’ll want a fair distribution of assets along with a clear statement of custody, child support obligations and visitation. You don’t want to return to court in the future to clarify or modify these.


Modifications to child support without a court order won’t be recognized. Even if you and the other parent of your child are in full agreement on a modification, you’ll be in need of an attorney who practices family law in Rockford, IL, to draft and present a modification order for entry by the court.

Lawyers who practice family law in Rockford, IL, realize that for many clients, family law courtrooms can be intimidating and uncertain. Clients who are involved in family law cases need a professional and compassionate approach to their individual situations. They are in need of an attorney who will work closely with them in their pursuit of fair and and equitable results. They are also in need of being treated with the dignity and respect that they deserve. You can contact the Crosby Law Firm for a free case evaluation by calling us at 815-397-2006, or you can use our easy contact form at

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