Prevent Oral Problems with Routine Teeth Cleaning Visits

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on September, 2018

One of the primary causes of tooth decay and loss is a person’s teeth are not properly cleaned. Whether the individual is not using the right brushing technique at home or missing hard to reach areas that can result in an excessive buildup of tartar, food debris, and plaque. The enamel on teeth will start to degrade over time and result in cavities that cause tooth decay. In addition to inflamed gums that contribute to periodontal disease that causes the tissue around the teeth to recede. When you receive professional teeth cleaning in Brockport, you can take the steps required to avoid potential oral problems.

What to Expect During Your Visit

  • X-rays are taken of your teeth to get a deeper look for any potential cavities or dental issues.
  • A hygienist will perform a thorough teeth cleaning in Brockport to remove any debris or tartar.
  • They will scrape away any excessive plaque buildup in between or on your teeth.
  • Your mouth will be rinsed, and a tool designed to suck out any leftover residue will be used.
  • A fluoride treatment will be applied to replace any lost fluoride.
  • Your dentist will come in for a final examination of your teeth to determine if there are any current or potential problems.
  • The dentist will provide information on how to care for your teeth to ensure their health.

Obtain a Stunning and Confident Smile

One of the benefits of having your teeth professionally cleaned is the technique used to leave your teeth smooth and shiny. A bright smile that you will gladly flash at anyone when you gain the confidence you need. Brockport Dental is ready to help you achieve your oral care goals and prevent a variety of dental issues when you schedule an appointment with their friendly dental team.

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