Preparing A Dog Bite Case With A Personal Injury Lawyer In Silverdale

In Washington, pet owners are required to take precautions to prevent the potential of a dog attack. These measures include placing dogs within a fence or by using a leash. They reduce access for the dog to neighbors, mail carriers, and other individuals walking or working along the path of the property. A Personal Injury Lawyer in Silverdale helps victims who sustain injuries due to a dog attack.

Assessing Strict Liabilities

A strict liability indicates that the pet owner was aware of risks associated with the animal. This may involve a previous history of dog attacks. The severity of the attack could also indicate a further risk to the public. Any pet owner who had knowledge of aggressive or dangerous behaviors is held to a strict liability when more attacks occur.

What are the Quarantine Requirements?

Any dog that hasn’t been vaccinated for rabies must be quarantined for at least twelve days following an attack. This assessment is used to determine if the dog has the disease and poses a threat to the public. The pet owner must bring the animal to the licensed vet of their choice for these requirements. The vet reports back to animal control after the quarantine period is completed. The animal control officer determines the necessary course of action after they receive this report.

When the Dog is a Danger to the Public

Any dog that is declared a risk to the public is euthanized. The pet owner must bring the pet to the vet of their choice for these purposes. The vet must report back to the animal control officer once the procedure is performed.

What Factors Help Calculate the Monetary Award?

The factors that help identify the monetary award begin with the total medical expenses of the victim. The duration in which they must acquire treatment could add more expenses as well. If strict liabilities apply, the pet owner must pay a settlement for pain and suffering as well.

In Washington, pet owners are responsible for preventing injuries associated with dog attacks. They must take measures to prevent their dog from attacking anyone with a legitimate reason for entering their property. Victims of these occurrences should hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Silverdale by contacting Anthony Otto for more information today.