Powder Coating in West Michigan Stands Up to Harsh Weather

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on November, 2020

First introduced in the 1960s, powder coating is a dry finish technique that is extremely popular. More and more individuals and companies want powder coating for a durable and high-quality finish on nearly anything made of metal. However, the powder coating process requires high-temperature baking to set the coating. That means rubber and plastic generally can’t be powder coated; however, powder coating can be adapted to things like wood, composite, glass, and some plastics.

Powder coatings come in nearly an unlimited range of textures and colors, allowing for quite a bit of creativity. Top quality powder coating in West Michigan is not only sturdy and weather-proof but also flexible, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses. It’s not only one of the most cost-effective finishes, it’s also eco-friendly.

There are two types of powder coating, thermoplastics, and thermosets. Thermoplastic powder coatings are thicker and more durable than thermoset powder coatings. This makes thermoplastic powder coating ideal for all things metal, from kitchen appliances to auto parts. On the other hand, thermoset powder coating is best for high heat areas, such as kitchen ovens and engine parts.

Depending on the environment, powder-coated finishes can last up to20 years, but constant exposure to harsh weather and sunlight can degrade a powder-coated finish faster. Also, different types of coatings have different lifespans. For example, powder coatings containing urethanes and fluoropolymers last longer in harsh outdoor conditions.

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