Pavement Sweeping – It’s Not Just a Spring Cleaning Thing!

Posted by Timothy Harvard on April, 2015

First impressions are everything, especially when you own a business or property. Curb appeal says a lot about how you represent your business. Visitors remember the initial contact they have with a company and their first opinion is often formed outside the building before they even enter the premises. A clean and well-maintained building starts the moment they park their car.

While smooth, well-maintained pavement creates a great impression, if your parking lot is littered with dirt and debris, or small stones create an uneven walking surface, your smooth asphalt is irrelevant.

An Investment That Pays Off
It costs money to invest in the paving, maintenance and striping of a parking lot. That’s why it only makes sense to want to keep it clean by have it professionally swept to remove dirt or rocks. In addition, keeping the outside of your building clean reduces the amount of dirt that is brought into your building with your visitors. Spring is not the only season to think about pavement sweeping. Minneapolis parking lots and streets need regular sweeping to keep them safe. Sweeping improves aesthetics and helps protect drivers, pedestrians and cyclists from flying rocks or hazards that are on the pavement. These hazards can cause accidents and can also damage vehicles.

Pavement Sweeping Has Several Benefits
Safety is the main reason why pavement sweeping is so important. In addition to keeping debris out of the middle of the road in the path of traffic, the gutters on the side of a road are a catch all where a variety of debris can collect. This blocks the edge of the road for cyclists or pedestrians and makes it difficult for drivers to judge where the road edge is. In addition, when storm drains are clogged, rainwater can build up and cause accidents or erosion of the road’s surface.

Some Debris Can be Hazardous to Wildlife and the Local Environment
Pieces of glass, metal and plastic tossed by traveling vehicles can be dangerous to local wildlife. Roadside garbage in the form of food attracts wildlife and can cause serious accidents, resulting in injury or death to drivers, as well as animals.

There are so many reasons why cities invest in pavement sweeping. Minneapolis residents can help maintain the cleanliness and safety of roads and parking lots by refraining from littering. If everyone did their part, it would be a safer, neater and healthier local environment for all.

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