Orthotics Are Used in Heel Pains Treatments in Joliet, IL

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on January, 2018

When you experience heel pain, it can be quite unsettling. After all, you place a lot of weight on your feet each day. Therefore, any pain on the bottom of the foot can reduce your enjoyment of life.

Heel Pain Complaints

When seeking heel pains treatments in Joliet, IL, most patients complain of discomfort when first awakening. Sometimes they experience pain after sitting for a while and getting up to stand. In some instances, the pain is searing and sharp while other people complain of soreness that moves up the back of the leg. Pain may also be felt in the arch.

Therapy for heel pain or flat feet treatment recommendations result from a flattening of the arch and calf muscles that are too tight. If the patient pronates when he or she walks or jogs, it can lead to heel pain as well. Flattening of the arch, or pronation, strains the plantar fascia. When this occurs over time, the ligament becomes weak where it is affixed to the heel bone.

Making a Diagnosis

Heel pains treatments are advised after a diagnosis is made. The diagnosis includes reviewing the patient’s history and performing a physical exam. X-rays are helpful in ruling out some of the reasons for heel discomfort such as bone tumors, soft tissue damage, or a break in the heel bone.

If the above conditions are ruled out, heel pains treatments may include the administration of an anti-inflammatory medicine and exercises that stretch the calf muscles. Heel cushions or arch supports may be recommended as well. Click here for more details.

Foot Orthotics

If the pain continues, the doctor normally advises the use of foot orthotics. Unlike an arch support, an orthotic corrects pronation. Therefore, the aid addresses heel pain at its source. Surgery is advised if the use of orthotics does not eliminate the pain.

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