Oral Health Tips For Families

Posted by Alex on June, 2014

Oral health is important not just to keep teeth in their best shape but also to prevent other problems. If oral health is not given the attention it deserves, this can lead to pain in the mouth and on the face. Also, infections in the mouth can travel to important organs such as the heart, possibly worsening heart disease if it exists. Research has shown that over 90 percent of systemic diseases manifest in gum and mouth problems, so it is extremely important that families take good care of their oral health. Here are some Oral Health Tips for families wishing to do this.

First, it is important that children start learning about how to care for their teeth as soon as possible. Six months is the usual age that a child gets his or her first tooth, so that is the age at which tooth care should begin. At two years old, you can start encouraging your child to brush their teeth themselves. However, they should always be supervised doing this so as to make sure they are brushing the way they are supposed to. The reason early dental care is so important is twofold: it prevents children from developing poor dental habits, and it also reduces the chance they will have early symptoms of tooth decay.

Second, all members of the family should be encouraged to brush their teeth at least two times a day. Flossing should be done once a day. Many people neglect to floss their teeth, but it is important to do so as floss can get to parts of the teeth that a toothbrush may not. Also, since floss reaches the areas where the teeth meets the gums, flossing is extremely important to prevent problems such as gingivitis. Since teenagers often have braces, special toothbrushes may be needed to help them brush their teeth. For the elderly, electric toothbrushes or special handles may help them to brush their teeth.

Finally, a list of Oral Health Tips wouldn’t be complete without a mention of the importance of going to the dentist regularly. The average person should go about two times a year so as to spot issues early on and to get professional cleaning. For families living in the Vista, California area, one dental practice to consider going to might be Vista Family Dental. The head dentist there, Dr. George R. Braithwaite DMD provides both general and cosmetic dentistry.

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