New Dental Fillings

by | Jan 2, 2019 | Dentist

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If you have damaged teeth, then your smile isn’t as attractive as it can be. In addition, teeth that are damaged are more likely to develop additional problems, and you can develop gingivitis in your gum tissue. Fortunately, a restorative dentist in Bloomingdale, Il., can repair an assortment of dental problems so that you have stronger teeth and healthier gums. First, you need an examination with X-rays to determine if you have any cavities in your teeth. Today, most cavities are filled with a color-matching composite resin after a dentist removes the decayed part of the tooth and eliminates the bacteria.

Customized Crowns

You might wonder what will happen when a tooth has a large cavity or damage from an injury, but a restorative dentist in Bloomingdale can fix the problem with a dental crown. When a tooth has a major problem, it may require a root canal first to remove all of the infected pulp, nerves and roots. The shell of this tooth is filled with a waterproof resin, and it is covered with a beautiful customized crown. In many cases, you can have a root canal and a new dental crown in only one day.

Dental Bridges

When you have missing teeth, it leads to an unattractive smile and a poor bite. The lack of teeth is also dangerous for your gums, but a dentist can make a dental bridge that will hold full-size customized crowns. A dental bridge is made from plastic or metal, and it is fastened to the surrounding teeth to remain in place. Most dental bridges will remain in place until a restorative dentist in Bloomingdale removes the device to make a repair or to adjust it for a better fit. Contact Pure Dental Spa at for additional information.

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