Needing a NJ Walk in Clinic

Posted by Phineas Gray on May, 2019

If you ever find yourself in NJ at a time that you need urgent medical care, you may want to consider a NJ walk in clinic. If your own primary physician’s office is closed or overbooked, or if you are just visiting, take heart because you are sure to find an urgent care center to serve you. Although they do not handle life threatening emergencies, urgent care facilities serve as an important resource for health and wellness. They are a viable option between an unavailable doctor’s office and the emergency room at the local hospital.

The Basics

It should be able to handle general physical examinations or to give you a flu shot if you need it. An urgent care center can take your x-rays, patch up your minor wounds, treat your rashes, check your blood pressure, and give you referrals to specialists. However, it will not be equipped with the resources to deal with a “real emergency.” If you have an illness or an ailment which jeopardizes your life, you will have to go to the hospital. Nevertheless, it can treat most common medical issues, helping to alleviate the overcrowding of the hospital emergency room.

The Perks

When choosing make certain that it is open seven days a week. Like the hospital, some are even open on holidays as well. This is just an extra perk. They should be ready to meet your needs any day of the week. It should also offer some free medication, whether anti-biotic or therapeutic. Ask about which medications are available at no cost to you.


It is also helpful if the NJ walk in clinic has multiple locations. That will make it easier for you to find one nearby no matter where you are. Even if you are not in NJ, it would be a relief for a patient to locate an affiliated clinic, which has similar policies and procedures. This kind of networking helps with the transition from one urgent care facility to another.


The best NJ walk in clinic will accept a large variety of insurance plans and hopefully, it will accept yours. It should also offer a myriad of flexibility when it comes to forms of payment which would make life easier. It should accept all major credit cards such as Visa, Master Card, and Discover. Additionally, it would be nice if it would accept cash and checks so that you are never stuck without a way to pay.

Taking care of yourself before you get sick, and after you become sick, is imperative. Never neglect the need for care. If you need medical attention right away and you can’t get to your regular doctor, or if you don’t feel well and want a quick check up, you may need to visit My Insta Doc Urgent care. If you find one that offers good perks, multiple locations, and a number of payment and insurance options, you are on your way to urgent care wellness.

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