Need Money? Sell Silver Flatware in Atlanta

by | Jun 23, 2014 | Business

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People who need to find cash quickly should sell silver flatware in Atlanta. Often they received this as a wedding gift or inherited it. The pattern may no longer suit their style or they are tired of the effort needed to keep sterling silver usable. Therefore they have no reason to keep it in the buffet drawer. It makes more sense to turn it into cash. Most people are aware of how fast the price of gold has increased. However, they may not realize how dramatically the price of silver has also increased. They may be truly amazed when they learn what their grandmother’s twelve-piece flatware set is worth.

Many refiners are now advertising on television. They want people to mail them their silver and then receive a payment in the mail. While this may seem like a convenient solution, it isn’t the best way to sell silver flatware in Atlanta. A seller can turn to one of the many local shops that buy and sell gold and silver. That way the seller keeps possession of their silver flatware until they have a price that they are happy with. At a local shop an experienced appraiser greets the customer in person and fully explains the appraisal process. They use very accurate scales to measure the weight of the silver and they test the quality. This gives them an idea of the overall value of the silver flatware.

Unlike large refiners that treat silver flatware as scrap metal, local shops often resell it. If the flatware was made by a famous silversmith or company, it can be worth a lot more than just it’s weight. Some silver patterns are also more popular than others. Even if a person doesn’t have a complete setting, local shops can make a profit by selling odd pieces. There are customers who need to replace a missing spoon or want to add a place setting to their existing antique or vintage flatware sets. For these reasons, local shops can often offer sellers higher prices than scrap metal buyers.

People may be embarrassed that they are selling family heirlooms or wedding gifts. local silver buyers understand this and keep all transactions private. If sellers are seen in the shop, no one will know whether they are buying or selling items.

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