Natural Treatments to Help You Avoid Adenoids Removal

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on August, 2015

Tonsils and adenoids are similar organs, made up of the same kind of tissues as lymph nodes. When your body is carrying any kind of infection, these tissues swell up and begin to work at fighting off infections of the upper respiratory system. Children are most often afflicted by these infections, so they are prone to experiencing the most issues caused by the swelling of their tonsils and adenoids.

Tonsils and Adenoids: Then and Now

Decades ago, it was a common practice to remove either the tonsils, adenoids, or both as a precautionary measure or at the first sign of an infection. The tonsils and adenoids both collect debris that enters the body through the nose and mouth, such as pollen and spores. They can also collect crumbs of food. A buildup of debris can cause sinus infections and other respiratory issues and many children experience frequent swelling of the tonsils even when there is no sign of infection or fever.

After many years of research and advancements in the medical field, it is now known that the only reason any person, especially a child, should go through surgery to have their adenoids removed is if they develop sleep apnea, a life-threatening sleep disorder caused by blocked airways. In children, this blockage can be caused by adenoids that are excessively enlarged and should be removed.

Signs of Adenoiditis

Unlike tonsils, which can be seen with the naked eye at the back of the throat, adenoids are hidden from sight. There are certain features that a person should watch for in order to determine whether the adenoids are swollen. Children with elevated nostrils, short upper lips, high arched palates, and prominent incisors are prone to swollen adenoids. Symptoms include continuous breathing through the mouth or breathing through the mouth during sleep.

Homeopathy Can Help

Homeopathic medicine strengthens the entire immune system and can help immensely in clearing up respiratory issues caused by the adenoids. There are many natural treatments that a person should try before resorting to surgery for adenoids removal. The adenoids are organs that have the potential to help the body fight infections once they are treated properly. Some of the most common natural treatments that are used to cure issues with adenoids include:

1. A diet which boosts the immune system;
2. Adding more of certain nutrients to the body;
3. Herbal treatments;
4. Homeopathic medicines prescribed by homeopathic practitioners;
5. Chiropractic treatments; and
6. Managing allergens.

Determining the Proper Treatment

In order to determine the proper homeopathic treatment to avoid adenoids removal, a doctor will take down a detailed medical history of the child and his family. Even details concerning his conception and birth are imperative. The first priority of the practitioner will be to relieve the acute problems caused by the adenoids, and then move on to long-term treatment and preventative measures.