Mixing Machinery – Still Relevant in Today’s Manufacturing

by | Aug 30, 2017 | Business

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The hum of heavy machinery is still alive and well in North American manufacturing facilities. Indeed, the smell of plastic and rubber manufacturing is still present in the daily routines of many blue-collar workers in these same areas and at the heart of this process is the production mixer. This device is the beating heart of modern manufacturing.

In today’s high-tech world of automated production and computer-driven creation, it may seem strange to put so much stock into machinery whose design has been relatively unchanged for over a century. However, it’s a fact that production mixers are still a necessary part of the creation and rubbers, plastics and other important materials. These machines are just as important now as they have ever been!

A Rich and Robust History

The Farrel mixer is one with as much power in its name as in its parts. With over four-hundred years of experience in the production industry, the company has manufactured some of the world’s greatest machinery. Nearly every experienced retailer of production equipment deals in these high-quality, dependable machines. These mixers have been pulling far more than their own weight for generations!

Keeping Things Moving

Retailers of large machinery such as laboratory and production mixers often service their machines, as well. This is helpful for clients, as technicians who are familiar with the exact make and model of machine they sell and service are better qualified to conduct maintenance and repairs. Given that the creators of these machines strive to build pieces that will last long and need little upkeep along the way, machines being serviced may be decades old, and retailers and mechanics need to not only understand how to repair and maintain these older pieces, but also keep an inventory of compatible parts on hand.

Doing this is the mark of quality in the industry, and corporate clients in the manufacturing business should settle for nothing less. These are the machines that keep modern life moving, after all. Maintaining them is maintaining our future!

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