Meth Lab Clean Up Requires a Professional Home Decontamination Service

by | Oct 14, 2016 | Cleaning

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The challenge of being a landlord was once restricted to finding reliable tenants that would pay their rent, not annoy the neighbors and not leave a mess behind when they left. The meth epidemic has changed everything. Even careful property owners in great neighborhoods are now experiencing concerns they never expected. Over 13 million people in the United States have admitted trying meth and more than 500,000 are habitual users. The problem has spread to every state in the country and no community is immune.

It is a rude awakening to landlords to receive the call from local authorities that a meth lab was discovered on their property. The reaction that must follow is not just evicting the tenants and renting out the unit again. These labs leave behind messes that require assistance from a Home Decontamination Service. Even after the police have seized materials and equipment there is usually a lot of debris left behind. In addition, the fumes produced during production coat the entire residence and any furnishings or appliances in the property.

Without a proper clean-out the home is dangerous to the health of anyone living in the residence. The chemicals used to create the drug can permeate walls and embed into insulation. It circulates throughout HVAC systems and settles into air filters. It remains even when the surface appears clean. Any chemicals left behind are also dangerous and require proper hazardous material disposal. Without a professional decontamination people in the home may experience skin irritations, headaches and respiratory problems among many other symptoms. Long term exposure causes permanent damage to the lungs and in severe cases it is potentially fatal. Children, pregnant women and the elderly should not be allowed into the property at all until after the cleanup is complete.

Any property owner that discovers what may potentially be a meth lab on their property must call the police first before removing any material or hiring a cleaning service. A Home Decontamination Service uses trained experts to thoroughly clean the property to guarantee it is safe for use. Visit the website at website to learn more about meth lab cleanup and the importance of professional decontamination. Contact the company directly through their website or their Facebook page for additional information.

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