Mastering Roof Flashing: Safeguarding Your Roof One Type at a Time

by | Feb 15, 2024 | Metal Fabrications

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Roof flashings are a construction hero of any well-protected home because it is a crucial barrier against the elements. SAMS Fabrications Ltd has various roof flashing types designed to shield different parts of your roof. We want to bring to your understanding these different functions and installations and how they can make a significant difference in the longevity of your roof.

Continuous Flashing (Apron Flashing)

This resembles an apron, a lengthy piece of metal that directs water down to the shingles below. It accommodates a home’s expansion and construction, which helps ensure it flexes with your home to prevent potential damage.

Base Flashing (Apron Flashing Bottom Piece)

There are roof features like Chimneys that need to have two pieces of flashings. The base flashing, or apron flashing, ensures rain is directed downward. Then, the dual-piece design accommodates natural roof material expansion and contraction.

Step Flashing

This 90° bend rectangular piece is mostly used for roof-to-wall flashing. It’s mainly installed in layers with shingles to guide water away from the wall so that it prevents potential leaks and water damage.

Skylight Flashing

This is an important element that ensures water tightness around openings in the roof. We have roofing professionals who create it separately.

Valley Flashing

This flashing is mainly found in open Valleys for protecting critical roof areas where water flow is concentrated.

Drip Edges

This thin metal drip Edge is located at the roof edges to assist in directing water off the roof without causing damage or leaks.

Master the art of roof flashing to improve your roofing system. For personalized and precision-crafted flashing solutions, trust the experience and expertise of SAMS Fabrications Ltd. at

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