Managing Cases Involving Kids With A Children Injuries Attorney

by | Jul 27, 2016 | Attorney

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In Massachusetts, parents must take necessary steps to deal with damages after their child is injured. The first step in these injury cases is to identify the exact individual or agency that is at fault. This helps them to file their claim more appropriately. A Children Injuries Attorney helps the parents file these claims once the responsible party is identified.

School Bus Accidents

School bus accidents lead to serious injuries. When filing a claim for these injuries, there are several possible defendants. The school board must take measures to prevent accidents such as maintenance of the vehicle. They must also reduce risks associated with bus drivers. These risks include prevention of driving under the influence and preventing other major traffic violations. When a bus accident occurs, an investigation determines what party is at fault.

Injuries at Public Playgrounds

Public playgrounds are maintained by either the city or the county. The officials managing the sites are at fault if a child sustains an injury while playing in these areas. Essentially, the parent would file a claim against the city or county in addition to the public officials.

Dog Attacks Involving Children

Dog attacks are, as a rule, the responsibility of the pet owner. The pet owner must manage their pet and prevent common injuries. However, the parents must prove the child was at the location lawfully and a crime wasn’t committed. If the dog was involved in previous attacks, the pet owner is held at a high liability. Strict liability indicates that they are responsible due to an awareness of the risks. They pay medical expenses as well as damages for pain and suffering.

Child Medical Malpractice

A medical malpractice case involves errors made by a medical doctor. They range from injuries during a procedure to the inadequate administration of medications. The parent must present medical evidence that shows how the error occurred.

In Massachusetts, parents must follow all guidelines for personal injury cases involving their children. The procedures apply to a variety of different circumstances. Parents who need help from a Children Injuries Attorney should contact Daniel and Fontaine LLC to schedule an appointment or to acquire more information. You can also visit them on Twitter for regular updates.

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