Making the Most of Patios in Mukwonago, WI

by | Sep 18, 2015 | Landscaping

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While most of the elements in and around the house are great, the patio could use some work. At present, it is nothing more than a concrete slab placed along the back wall of the house. In order to turn the space into something fun, it pays to talk with a contractor about ways to enhance Patios in Mukwonago WI. Here are a few suggestions to consider.

The Installation of an Awning

One of the quickest ways to transform Patios in Mukwonago WI, is to invest in awnings to cover all or at least part of the space. The right type of awning will ensure that the outdoor space can be used even if it is raining. For those who like to sunbathe on the patio, leave one end exposed and equipped with a couple of deck chairs. Doing so makes it easier for anyone who wants to be outside but not in direct sunlight to still enjoy the space.

Staining the Concrete

There is no rule that says the concrete used for the patio floor has to remain a dull gray. Consider the idea of staining the concrete to create more visual interest for the space. Remember that it can be coated with a sealant to help prevent fading. Doing so will provide a great foundation for any type of patio furniture the homeowner chooses to place in the space.

Adding Permanent Enhancements

The patio can also be enhanced by adding permanent features around the perimeter. Consider the idea of creating a short wall along one of the short ends. This can provide the perfect backdrop for a seating area. It also makes a great place to position a row of potted plants. Along the longer side, think about adding some concrete benches and maybe a planter or two. Doing so will help define the space without making it feel closed.

For more ideas on how to transform patio spaces, Contact Koch Kuts Landscaping and Maintenance today. A professional can come out, survey the space, and come up with a few practical suggestions. In no time at all, the bland patio will become a space that every member of the family will enjoy. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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