Make Your Defense Better with Condor Plate Carrier

by | Dec 2, 2016 | Shopping

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When you participate in a game of war, you would expect your opposition to up their game by employing as many offensive weapons in their arsenal as possible. Consequently, you would also up your defense with protective gear like a Condor plate carrier, so you are not inadvertently hurt with an errant pellet or some other missile that might do you unintended harm.

Protective Clothing

Despite all precautions taken, it is a sad fact in life that accidents do happen. Even though you have taken the precaution of wearing protective clothing during the game, a pellet or two might still get through to your skin and cause red welts and these definitely hurt for a few days after your game.

Extra Defense

You could wear thicker clothes, but this will probably impede or hinder your movements out in the war zone. Keep in mind that thicker clothes might cause you to sweat excessively during your game and when you are uncomfortable like this, you cannot strategize efficiently and your team might get routed.

Your answer is to wear a Condor plate carrier, which is a protective tactical vest or coat that you wear over your protective clothes while playing war in the battlefield.

There are a variety of plate carriers. Some come with medium ballistic plates, while others come with pouches in front so can carry small gear and documents. There also are vests that have pockets for magazine storage, facilitating quick retrieval and reload when you are active on the battlefield during the war game.

Your Supplier

There are many styles of Condor plate carrier in inventory at Airsoft GI, and they range in size, color, and features. They have retail stores in the states of California, Virginia, and Texas to serve you or you can shop their excellent selection of weapons and gear online.

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