Luxury Apartments for Sale in NYC

by | Aug 21, 2019 | Real Estate

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There are many reasons why people move into city center luxury apartments. When asked, potential buyers are likely to say they are fed up with yard work or they want more time to enjoy what they like, rather than cut the lawn or paint the trim. There are numerous condos for sale in NYC. There are also all kinds of different people interested in condo living. First-time buyers wanting to own a home are at one end of the spectrum. Baby boomers wanting to downsize their space and their responsibilities are at the other end.

There are many valid reasons for wanting to own a condominium. Of primary importance to some people is the fact someone other than they deal with maintenance issues. Gone are the days of shoveling snow, mowing the lawn or cleaning the pool. If there is an issue that requires costly maintenance, the money is there to have the work done. A portion of monthly management fees paid to live in Hudson Yards is dedicated to repairs. When it becomes necessary to tackle a major repair, there is no additional burden placed on the condo owners. Condo lifestyle meets the needs of most people. Common areas like a pool, a wellness center, and entertainment options provide plenty of opportunities to meet and socialize with neighbors.

If you are looking to leave suburbia and move to a prime spot in NY, a place like the Hudson Yards Project for example, is the only practical option. If you are moving from a single-family home outside the city, of course, you will lose your garden, and you will have to pay management fees. What little you lose you gain back with easy access to your office, elegant shops, fine dining, public transport and more. If you are looking for elegant living, coupled with convenience, look into ownership possibilities in New York’s newest neighborhood.

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