Love your house? Take it with you

by | May 6, 2016 | Construction and Maintenance

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There are many reasons why homeowners explore the possibility of physically moving their house; picking it right up off the existing foundation and putting it back down somewhere all together different.

There are situations where a home is subject to flooding; perhaps the building is in the way of ongoing developments in the area such as a new highway interchange or shopping mall. Homes with significant historical importance can be moved when it makes more sense to utilize the land for something else.

Before you rush into moving your existing house it is important to fully understand the financial and logistical challenges; this is where your first contact with a professional house moving company in Ocean County NJ will come in. With their experiences, companies that do this type of work can help you decide if moving your home or building a new one is the better approach.

Careful planning is the key:

The actual house moving is the least of the problems for a professional house moving company in Ocean County NJ, the majority of the work actually is done long before the actual move takes place. Moving a structure like a house takes a great deal of planning and coordination. The local government will invariably be involved, they will determine if the move is allowed and they will have to provide permits for both ends of the move. It may prove necessary for building inspectors to get involved, examining the structural integrity of the building. A contractor will be involved at the new site as the house will need a foundation to sit on once it arrives. Transportation authorities and the police will need to be involved to determine the route and provide traffic control along the way.

A professional house moving company can help with all these logistical issues and ensure your house arrives safely at its new location.

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