Looking For Apartment Rentals in Ames

by | Jun 27, 2014 | Business

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These days, homes are very expensive to maintain, especially when the monthly mortgage is already high. Landscaping upkeep and lawn maintenance is always a hassle. What if the roof or pipes leak? You don’t want to be responsible for fixing them at the drop of a hat. Consider apartment rentals in Ames.

There are so many features to like about apartment rentals in Ames. You can get two, three and four bedroom apartments with more than one bath – just like a home. Pools are expensive to maintain, but if you live in an apartment complex, you will have the advantages of a pool with none of the expense. Gym memberships can also be expensive, but apartment complexes usually have workout rooms. You also do not have to drive to the gym because it’s right there in your apartment complex! Most units have patios for outdoor furniture, plants and small grills for entertaining. Appliances are included, so there is no need to buy a fridge and stove. Some units even have their own washer/dryer hookups. All apartment rentals in Ames have laundry rooms so you don’t have to leave your complex to do laundry.

Renter’s insurance will cover the contents of your apartment in the event of fire, flood or burglary just like home owner’s insurance. There is no home maintenance to worry about because apartment complexes employ maintenance personnel to mow lawns, take care of landscaping, and perform repairs like fixing garbage disposals. If your A/C goes out or your stove is suddenly not working, call the front office and they will schedule a time for repairs to be done by the maintenance people. They repair everything from faulty ceiling fans to leaky faucets! Most apartment rentals allow for pets if you put down a deposit. The deposit is refundable when you move if your pet did not damage or stain anything in the unit.

With so many amenities, apartments are becoming the better choice for living. There is no hassles trying to get financing, no maintenance worries and plenty of room for even large families! Contact an apartment realtor like  to discover the options out there. Compare to owning a home and see how much more apartment living has to offer!


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