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by | Apr 14, 2021 | Health and Medical

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Do you remember the first trip to the family doctor? In most instances, the doctor became a friend. Indeed, most people used the same doctor all their lives. A family doctor is a primary care physician. This means they have a general practice. General practice is the first stop for colds, cuts, sore throats and lots of other things. Most primary care physicians treat the very young and the elderly. Now, the U.S. faces a serious shortage of these physicians. Recent studies indicate there will be a critical shortage in a few years. Further, the shortage is estimated to be 100,000 physicians. Currently, there are about 16,000 primary doctors working in the U.S.

A Primary Care Doctor in El Cajon treats each patient like they are special. In fact, they know most patients by name and medical issues. The shortage creates several problems. It is not as easy to get an appointment. The shortage means doctors have lots of patients. This leads to crowded waiting rooms and tired doctors. Experts say there are several reasons for all of this including student debt. Medical students usually finish owing $300,000 in debt. To repay the debt, students are choosing lucrative specialties.

Specialists are paid three times as much as primary doctors. Sadly, only one in five residents opts for primary care medicine. Health care industry experts say residency programs are part of the problem. Medical students have to complete a residency before practicing. Unfortunately, there are not enough residency slots for the number of medical students. Steps are being taken to attract more students to primary medicine.

One major university is moving away from training physicians to treat each patient. Rather, they are teaching primary medicine with a team model. This is an effort to lighten the load of the primary doctor. Texas Tech University started a fast-track three-year medical program. Additionally, students get a full scholarship for the first year. Most of Texas has one primary doctor per town. If you are looking for a Primary Care Doctor in El Cajon, try Children’s Physicians Medical Group. Hopefully, this trend will turn around before there is a crisis.

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