LivingDNA Review And Cost Details

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on September, 2021

There are numerous DNA testing companies around the world. LivingDNA was founded by husband and wife David Nicholson and Hannah Morden in 2002. Located in England, the company has the mission of creating a global family tree to help eliminate racism around the world. They started the One Family World Project in 2017, utilizing participants’ information from their 3-1 ancestry test to expand upon their project.

For those concerned about the sale of DNA testing results, choosing LivingDNA means your data is only used for their internal research, database, and the One Family World Project.

The Results

The 3-1 ancestry report is offered in an optional book form, which is a great idea for a keepsake. The report includes autosomal DNA results as well as maternal and paternal haplotypes. The report also contains information about possible migration paths and several other optional reports that can be added for a fee.

For individuals living in the United Kingdom, this is a great option. The cost of the basic package is lower than other companies, and the added option to choose the report in book form is unique.

However, the database is limited in size as well as geographic range outside of the area. If you are looking for specific information and know your ancestors were not in this area, this may not be the best match in a DNA testing service.

In addition to ancestry information, LivingDNA also offers a Wellbeing Kit. This can be ordered with the Ancestry Kit or as a stand-alone report. The wellbeing report includes an analysis of ten traits that are directly related to nutrition and exercise. The company does not offer information in reports on health conditions or genetic risk factors.

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