Living In A Retirement Home In Columbia, MD Can Cut Risk Of Heart Disease

by | Feb 1, 2017 | Assisted Living

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Seniors who choose to live in a retirement residence often are afforded the chance to get involved in social activities and exercise. By electing to live in a retirement facility, they have more access to activities such as walking, swimming or riding a bike. Doctors have found that a moderate amount of exercise each week lessens a person’s odds of dying from heart disease.

A Positive Lifestyle Choice

One study showed that low exercisers are people who simply read or watch TV, while moderate exercisers walked, gardened, or biked for about four hours each week. After adjusting other factors for heart disease risk, such as hypertension or a high cholesterol count, researchers found that moderate exercise substantially boosted the health of individuals. That is why living in a retirement home in Columbia, MD is a positive lifestyle choice.

Staying Healthy through Exercise

However, researchers have noted that it is never too late to make adjustments in your exercise routine. Walking each day, for example, has a type of spillover effect. Not only does a senior reduce their chance of getting a heart attack, they also lessen the impact of such conditions as arteriosclerosis, which is an inflammation of the blood vessel walls. Seniors who live in a retirement home setting can keep their health in check by participating in a community’s regular schedule of activities.
The whole principle of maintaining your health as you age is to try to stay as active as possible. This can be done when a senior opts to live in a retirement home where exercise activities are regularly scheduled.

When selecting a place to live that caters to the senior populace, make sure the community incorporates activities that permit seniors to engage in exercise. The community should feature gardens or nicely landscaped grounds, so the residents can walk regularly and enjoy their surroundings as well. Visit Domain URL to know about retirement home Service. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.

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