Legal Calendaring Software Improves Efficiency

Posted by Phineas Gray on November, 2014

Law offices are reliant on tight schedules and deadlines. Calendars are critical and the accessibility of a schedule can completely change the success or failure rate of a law firm. Don’t risk missing a filing deadline or an important client meeting. Use calendar software built especially for law offices.

Accessibility and Online Legal Calendaring
Every business has its own needs when it comes to scheduling and calendars. Legal calendaring software functions with lawyers’ needs in mind. First and foremost it is accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection. A lawyer can have his or her schedule available at all times and can add or amend it on-the-go.

There is no need to review a calendar in the morning before leaving the office or printing out a copy from the computer. No more jotting notes to add to the calendar back at the office. No more messy planners with scratched out appointments to wade through to find relevant information. An entire lawyer’s calendar is available via laptop or mobile device via the cloud.

The legal calendar software may be used by any staff member of the law office. Good programs offer a home page with appointments, court appearances, trials, and other tasks immediately viewable on the first page. This includes information for the next several days so that the staff member may plan accordingly.

Legal Calendar Software Features
A great system for legal calendaring software includes the ability to visualize anything from one to ten days at a time. Lawyers require the ability to view responsibilities, appointments, and court dates in relation to other obligations within a range of dates.

Another beneficial feature is color coding calendar entries. Color coding indicates the type of event that is entered at a glance. By using this feature, lawyers can easily balance schedules and plan accordingly. For example, some types of events are known to require more time than is normally scheduled. By viewing the color assigned to those events, the attorney knows that another item should not closely follow it.

The most useful feature is the integration of the calendar with the billing software system. Entries are coded and attached to a client file when entered.. On each lawyer’s home page, a client file may be opened and time entered for meetings or billable time. This tracks time spent and adds it to the billable file.

Law Firms and Online Calendaring Software
By utilizing a software that has been specifically created for law offices, law firms will benefit from the integrated system that saves time, money, and is always available from any mobile device at any time. This is much more efficient than the old daily planners!