Laser Skin Resurfacing and other Non-Surgical Procedures that can be Compared to Facelifts

by | Jun 26, 2020 | Healthcare

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Consumers can find all kinds of anti-aging skin products and treatments on the market. Many make the mistake of doing something for their skin that doesn’t correct the specific skin problem. A dermatologist with education in all areas of dermatology can assess skin conditions to identify the problem. When a skin problem is properly diagnosed, a dermatologist can present a list of cosmetic and medical procedures that work to correct it. The in-office procedure for Laser Skin Resurfacing is capable of achieving results comparable to mild cosmetic surgery. It produces age-defying effects with a CO2 laser that vaporizes a thin layer of skin in problem areas. It sends waves of carbon dioxide to the outer layer of the skin without disturbing healthy skin nearby or deeper layers of skin. Good candidates for Laser Skin Resurfacing are those with acne that has left scars, fine lines and wrinkles, and lesions.

Microneedling is another skin resurfacing procedure. This one is done with a handheld device controlled by an esthetician. Tiny needles perforate the skin to make painless micro injuries. It makes a superficial wound that prompts the skin to produce collagen to repair the micro injuries. Healing is quicker for this procedure with less sensitivity since no heat is involved. Most estheticians of cosmetic dermatology centers do it in three sessions with an interim of four to six weeks. Microneedling can be included on a short list for procedures that are comparable to minor cosmetic surgeries. Fine lines and wrinkles disappear with the needles promoting increased production of collagen.

Ultherapy is a non-surgical skin lifting procedure. It is an ultrasound treatment that invokes the natural abilities the body has to regenerate and progressively lift skin around the eyebrows, the posterior part of the chin, and the neck. It’s a non-invasive procedure approved by the FDA that actually lifts the skin with no surgery. Ultherapy can be compared to a facelift in that it treats the deeper layers of skin. The fact that ultrasound imaging allows precision to be used sets it apart from other procedures. Energy is applied exactly where it needs to be. It can be done to recharge the results of a facelift too.

Dermaplaning Charlotte NC is an easy, effective procedure involving the use of a surgical blade. During this fast, painless treatment, dead skin is removed from the epidermis, as well as vellus hair.

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