Large Scale Production With Custom Plastic Extrusion

by | Oct 29, 2018 | Injection Molding

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There are many different ways to produce plastic parts of various degrees of complexity. Some of the most common include the use of CNC machining equipment to carve shapes out of solid bars of plastic, but this is often costly, results in large amounts of waste material, and may also not provide the interior shapes required for the most complex types of parts.

Another option is in molding, which can be completed through a number of different techniques. Highly precise, molding is an ideal option when precision and tight tolerances, as well as efficiency, are considerations.

For large volume production that is cost effective, offers high levels of precision and is ideal for standard outside shapes, the use of custom plastic extrusion is often the best choice. This process uses melted plastic under pressure forced through a die to create the interior and exterior shapes required.

Highly Efficient

Once the die has been created, custom plastic extrusion is highly efficient and offers extremely limited waste. The die is designed to last for significant use, which means the cost of parts and components produced decreases over. Additionally, by careful choice of the type of plastic, it is possible to create intricate shapes as needed while minimizing inherent weaknesses in the design.

With the use of custom plastic extrusion, small to large parts can be formed in a continuous tube or length, the precision cut to the desired lengths. Through careful selection of the materials, the die and the specific parameters of the process it is possible to develop a range of finishes on the exterior of the part, eliminating any need for further processing.

When choosing a company for plastic extrusion, always consider the experience and expertise the service brings to the table. By using a top extrusion company, the custom extrusions will be manufactured under quality control conditions, providing high quality parts on large volume orders at a very low cost.

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