Landscaping tips to prevent foundation problems

by | Dec 16, 2016 | Construction and Maintenance

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Your home is your castle; and you want to keep it that way! Avoiding foundation problems involves doing regular inspection checks throughout the year for cracks, crumbling, or gaps in your walls, corners, etc. Home damage restoration in Tallahassee specialists also recommend that you take great care when planning your landscaping design as well. Roots from large trees and shrubs can interfere with your foundation if they are planted too close. While trees and shrubs can add a decorative element to your home, there are some things to consider when choosing the types of trees that you plant.

Trees that are likely to cause the most damage

Generally, larger trees are likely to cause the most damage if they are planted too close to your house. These include:

     *     Elm
     *     Willow
     *     Poplar
     *     Oak
     *     Manitoba Maple
     *     Silver Maple

These are beautiful trees, but should be planted well away from your house – at least 100 feet away.

Trees that are likely to cause moderate damage

These are smaller, but can still cause damage if you plant them too close to your house:

     *     Cherry
     *     Ash
     *     Sugar maple
     *     Red maple
     *     Hawthorn

Try to plant these at least 50 feet away from your house.

Trees that are likely to cause minimal damage

If you want your house surrounded by trees, try to select these smaller ones:
     *     Cedar
     *     Fir pine
     *     Beech
     *     Mulberry
     *     Spruce

If there are already large trees in your yard and you are concerned about foundation issues, there are measures you can take to help ensure they don’t cause problems. These include:

     *     Root barricades: These can help prevent further root growth, without destroying the tree itself.
     *     Soaker hoses: These help keep the roots moist all year long, preventing soil expansion and thus, foundation issues.

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