Keeps Pests Away With Professional Pest Control in Pasadena

Posted by Daniel lawrence on October, 2016

Keeping pests out of the home can be a difficult task, but one thing that should never be done is to ignore the problem. Pest problems tend to continue growing until they are eliminated. For instance, once roaches appear, they continue to breed until simple remedies aren’t enough to control them. In fact, there are a variety of ways to handle a roach infestation, including the use of baits they carry back to the nest. Roaches tend to live in areas where moisture and food are easily accessible. Keeping these areas cleaned and treated by an expert in Pest Control in Pasadena is the best way to keep them under control.

Another insect that can be a real problem is the termite. Termites are actually a member of the roach family that lives on decaying cellulose. Cellulose is found in many construction materials such as wood framing, siding and decking. Out of the thousands of termite species, there are two that are serious concerns for property owners. The first is the drywood termite that makes it home in the wood it consumes, and the second is the subterranean termite. The latter is usually noticed because of the small tunnels it leaves behind when foraging for food. Subterranean termites need to stay in the soil for moisture, so they build these tubules to protect themselves. This habit actually makes it easier to keep them out of the home because they can be blocked by trenches. The best solution for termites, however, is baiting. Unfortunately, a severe termite infestation may require professional Pest Control in Pasadena to fumigate the whole building.

Pests come in all types, and some of the worst are mammals. Mice and rats can cause a lot of damage, and these little rodents are tough to eliminate. Once you see a single mouse, you can be sure there are more living in the walls. Mice tend to nest in deep, dark areas and only come out when searching for food. Rats are more solitary, but they are also more dangerous. Dealing with rodents is a necessary precaution because they tend to carry diseases that spread to humans. Learn more about pest control from the experts at website

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