Keep Your Water Bill Under Control And Your Home Dry Using a Plumber

One of a homeowner’s worst nightmares is walking into a kitchen or bath where the floor is covered with water. This is a problem that can cause a lot of damage as the water soaks into the floors and walls. It can be a tough problem to avoid since many leaks happen in places that are difficult to see, but there are other leaks that are actually worse. For example, a slow leak inside a wall can soak into the wood over time. If this particular leak is in a place where you can’t see water collecting or notice the wet wood it could even result in severe structural damage. Thankfully, these are the types of problems that a Plumber in Santa Cruz County CA can easily handle.

To locate a hidden leak the plumber will need to do some searching. Once they eliminate the convenient lines they will bring out the special equipment. These tools use acoustics to listen for sound variances in the walls. These sounds include vibrations from the pipes, the noise from spraying or dripping water and others. You can’t always hear these sounds directly which is why it takes electronic equipment to detect them. However, a plumber can use these tools to isolate where a problem is located which reduces the amount of demolition it takes to access the leak.

Sometimes, your leak may be located outside the home. Leaking mains are often difficult to determine. In some cases the only way you realize you have a problem is the higher than normal water bill. You could opt to have the whole water main replaced or you could try to have the Plumber in Santa Cruz County CA locate the problem. Surprisingly, they can use similar tools to trace an outdoor leak. When the water leak isn’t obvious it is possible to use a type of ground penetrating radar (GPR) to look for changes in the soil. In most cases the soil around the line should be packed, but if water has leaked around the pipe the soil may be soft and this will show in GPR. In most cases the leak will be around seams or at fittings which are often easy to fix, depending on the type of pipe originally used.

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