Keep Your Drains Cleared with a Professional Cleaning Service

by | Sep 22, 2016 | Cleaning

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It is essential for a homeowner to have routine cleaning performed on their drains to prevent them from becoming clogged. The piping in a home can become blocked by materials that buildups such as soaps, grease, hair, and fats. While other foreign objects can slip into the drain such as leaves and dirt that can lead to the pipes not being able to function properly. A professional company that offers drain cleaning services in Phoenix, AZ area can provide the service that a homeowner requires to keep their pipes functioning properly and help prevent damage from occurring.

Damages a Clogged Pipe can Cause

*Sinks, showers, and toilets can be slow to drain or not drain at all because of blocked pipes.
*There can be a bad odor from the pipes, it often can smell like the sewer gas.
*Toilets can overflow and sinks can backup causing a mess that can damage flooring in the home.
*The sewer line can collapse, this is most likely caused roots of trees growing in the pipes.
*Cracks can develop that can cause the pipes to leak sewage.
*Mold can grow on the walls, floors, or ceilings of the home depending where a leak may occur.

Why It is Important to Hire a Professional

It may be tempting to take care of the problem on your own however, you are taking a huge risk of having a larger problem on your hands. Especially, if you do not have any knowledge on how to clear your drains. Custom Cooling & Plumbing offers you knowledgeable and skilled professionals that can save you time and money. Their skilled technicians will know how to track down the problem that you are experiencing and how to solve the issue at an affordable price.

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