It Is Advisable To Use A Disability Attorney?

by | Jun 1, 2015 | Lawyers and Law Firms

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US Social Security provides cash benefits for two distinct groups of people. The group that is most familiar is retirees; the group that is less familiar to most people are those that suffer a physical or mental disability.

As all contributions to FICA are maintained, it is easy to determine the cash benefit of the individual about to retire; it is very much based on age and total contributions. It would be rare if anyone would need an attorney to claim retirement benefits.

The same cannot be said when it comes to claiming disability benefits, it is quite the opposite in fact; the wise applicant will hire a disability attorney in Florida. It seems to be a rather unfair statistic but, almost 75 percent of first time applicants for Social Security disability are denied benefits.

Although so many first time applications are denied there is an appeal process available. The appeal steps gives the unsuccessful applicant the opportunity to seek reconsideration, should that fail as well the applicant can avail him or herself of the chance to plead their case in the presence of an administrative law judge. If the disabled applicant has yet to hire a disability attorney in Florida, this is the time to do it. The rules, regulations and laws that apply to Social Security are extremely complex and they tend to change frequently, a disability attorney is intimate with these laws and knows how to apply them. In most cases a seasoned disability attorney will have at one time or another worked with applicants in similar circumstances, this alone will prove to be of significant benefit when fighting for the client’s right to benefits. A disability attorney knows from experience what to expect in the way of questions from the administrative judge as well as having a good idea of what the judge is looking for to support the applicant’s condition.

As a disability attorney in Florida is paid on contingency and their fee is set by the law there is absolutely no good reason why you should not hire one. Because of this fee arrangement the attorney, in the event he or she accepts the case, will work diligently to ensure success. This entails a considerable amount of effort on the part of the attorney; gathering medical history and statements from involved doctors as well as providing the results of tests that the applicant has taken.

It is not mandatory to hire a disability attorney in Florida but the chances of a layperson winning on appeal are far less without one.

Rarely is the initial application for disability benefits approved. It is at this stage when you should hire a disability attorney in Florida to guide you through the various steps of the appeals process.

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