Is Your Carrier Fire Proof and Water Proof, Invest in a Durable Safe Box

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on August, 2018

We all have special places that we keep our valuables in, usually at a bank or in a secure place at home. Everyone has different meanings of ‘secure’, so this could mean in your closet or at the bottom of a vase. Regardless of where you hide your treasures, traveling with them is somewhat of an issue for some people. You need something that’s portable, but still secure. This is where carriers come in. They provide a unique way to carry your cherished items close to you, no matter where you go. Here are some of the features you can find in a good carrier.

Built to Last

These carrier boxes are built to last a lifetime. Designers carefully craft durable and thick material that’s hard to puncture or destroy, but still light enough to carry. Most carriers are fire proof and water proof, so even in the event of a flood or fire your valuables remain intact and unharmed.

Portable Options

Many people worry about traveling with their belongings, but a carrier is perfect for this. You can put all of your valuables in a security box and easily travel with it. There are also semi-portable options that have wheels, so while you can’t put it in your hand-carry, you can slide it around your office or move it to a different part of your house.

Variety of Sizes

Sometimes, you have a variety of things that you want to keep secure. If you have a large painting or artifact that you want to hide away, it won’t really be protected if it can’t fit inside the safe box. That’s why there are both large and small security boxes that can hold big and small items alike.

Is your carrier fire proof and water proof safe box? Contact First Alert and buy great safe box products.

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