Is There an Alternative to Water Softeners?

by | Dec 18, 2014 | Shopping

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If you have tried to combat the scaling in pipes at home or work, you have probably asked yourself this question. The answer is yes, you don’t have to use harsh chemicals to have water flow in pipes. Checkout the reasons you should go for an alternative to traditional water softener systems.

A good alternative to water softener is the scale blaster system. Traditionally, scales in the pipes are removed or at least prevented using water softeners. This technology is equal to the task but just better. Basically, the idea behind this option is the same as a water softener; prevent the calcium and magnesium from accumulating in pipes. However, this approach is entirely different. Scale blaster works using current to produce waves which affect the adhesive forces of calcium. As a result, there is no scale in the pipes. Furthermore, the water feels soft and you won’t have to use as much detergent as previously.

If you are wondering whether the home appliances use the same amount power as the industrial ones, you might be justified in thinking so. There are three scale blaster devices (home, commercial and industrial). All are effective ways of fighting scaling from hard water. Remember, the devices use currents so there is no chemical risk. Actually, this is the best eco-friendly way to get rid of scaling in pipes. Water softeners produce chlorides in excess and this has negative impact to people and the environment as a whole. This alternative to water softener doesn’t produce any noise, so once you install it you may even forget you did it.

So how does scale blaster work? A computerized system is fit at the incoming water supply to a home or a commercial set up. The device produces an electronic field using a frequency which affects the physical properties of calcium molecules. This has a direct impact on the adhesive forces of the element and the molecules fail to combine in the pipe. If you already have a lime scale problem don’t worry. Once the system is installed in your water supply grid, the existing scale cannot withstand the oscillating signals. In the same way, the adhesive forces between calcium molecules are weakened and pipes will be scale free in a short period after.

Fighting lime scale using this alternative to water softener is very effective since you will not be handling chemicals. Additionally, the computerized system has affordable maintenance costs.

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