Is it Time for Septic Tank Cleaning in Arlington, WA? These Signs Say YES!

Posted by Timothy Harvard on October, 2018

Many people don’t realize how common septic system failure actually is. It can be the result of a wide array of issues including everything from flushing solid materials, such as diapers and feminine hygiene products, to using a garbage disposal or certain types of water purification systems. The good news is, the majority of septic issues can be avoided by investing in regular inspections and Septic Tank Cleaning in Arlington WA.

Unfortunately, even with regular care and maintenance, issues can arise. Some signs it is time to call for help and cleaning services are found here.

Bad Odors

It’s true. A person’s nose doesn’t lie! If bad odors are detected, it’s a surefire sign there are septic issues brewing. If a homeowner begins to notice a foul, strong smell coming from their drains or from the area around the tank, it means the tank needs to be pumped out. It’s time to call for professional Septic Tank Cleaning in Arlington WA at this point.

Pooling Water

Another sign of a problem is marshy areas or pooling water near the septic tank. This may be an indication that the tank has begun to leak or that it is giving off moisture. Be sure to pay close attention to the lawn that’s around the drain field. If the septic tank is working properly, the water remains underground and out of sight. If it begins to rise to the surface, it is the sign of a serious issue. Also, if the grass near the septic tank is especially lush and green, that is also a sign of excessive water.

Slow Drains

A home with extremely slow sink drains, toilets, and bathtub drains, it may be a sign that the septic tank has reached capacity. If the homeowner has tried store-bought products and plungers on the drain to no avail, it’s time to call in the pros.

Being informed and knowing when to call for help is the best way to ensure that a septic tank is operating properly. Don’t assume the issue will clear up on its own. It won’t. The information here provides some helpful insight regarding the signs that it is time to invest in septic tank service.

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